Acer Inc. Kevin has represented Acer in several patent infringement disputes in various courts across the United States, including suits brought by Hewlett Packard, Innovative Display Technologies, and Round Rock Research, among others.

Nanya Technology Corporation. Kevin represented Nanya against Elpida in offensive and defensive ITC investigations. 

TCL Corporation. Kevin has represented TCL in patent litigation brought by Dynamic Hosting, Freeny, and Godo Kaisha IP Bridge 1.

Funai Electric Co. Kevin represented Funai in its enforcement of patents relating to digital televisions in the ITC, resulting in a finding by the Commission that nearly a dozen companies infringed a valid patent.

ProMOS Technologies. Kevin represented ProMOS in a patent litigation brought by HSM Portfolio in the District of Delaware related to TPL/HSM's "Fast Logic" portfolio. He also represents ProMOS in litigation against several Samsung entities relating to memory circuitry and semiconductor process technology.

TDK Corporation. Kevin represented TDK Corporation and affiliates in a patent litigation brought by MagSil Corporation and Massachusetts Institute of Technology related to magnetic hard drives in the District of Delaware.

Compal Electronics, Inc. Kevin represented Compal through a jury trial in N.D. Cal. in a patent litigation brought by Samsung involving PC architecture.


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