Acer Inc. Kai has represented Acer for the past fourteen (14) years in a number of patent infringement disputes in the U.S. Kai was a member of the Acer trial teams in investigations brought by Hewlett Packard and Tessera, Inc. before the U.S. International Trade Commission and District Court litigations against Round Rock Research and St. Clair Intellectual Property Consultants. Additionally, Kai has actively participated in patent licensing negotiations on behalf of Acer.

Nanya Technology Corporation. Kai has represented Nanya for the past twelve (12) years in a number of patent infringement actions involving Nanya's DRAM products, including patent infringement actions against Renesas Electronics, Corp., Tessera, Inc., Elpida Memory, Inc. and Rambus, Inc. Additionally, Kai provides licensing and general intellectual property counseling for Nanya.

MiTAC International Corporation. Kai has represented MiTAC for the past ten (10) years in several patent litigations, including cases brought by Innovative Display Technologies, Visteon Global Technologies, and others. Additionally, Kai provides general intellectual property counseling for MiTAC.

Home Semiconductor, Inc. Kai currently represents Home Semiconductor in litigation to enforce Home Semiconductor's patents against various Samsung entities.

Beacon Navigation GmbH. Kai currently represents Beacon Navigation in litigation to enforce Beacon Navigation's patents against various automobile manufacturers.​



​Kai frequently provides seminars and workshops in Asia on intellectual property matters related to patent litigation, patent enforcement strategies, strategic patent portfolio development, and licensing of international patent portfolios, as well as antitrust matters.


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