Acer Inc.  Represented Acer in patent matters in involving technologies such as semiconductor packaging, video processing, LCD panels, and LED design.

EPIC LLC.  Represented EPIC LLC in arbitration proceedings related to alleged breach of contract. Jerry won a complete arbitration victory and attorneys fees award for client.

MediaTek Corp.  Represented MediaTek in a patent matters involving MediaTek optical drive controller chipsets, including litigation against Sanyo Electric. In the Sanyo matter, Jerry was a key member of the team that won summary judgment to severely reduced potential damages; leading to favorable settlement for client.

Nanya Technology Corporation.  Represented Nanya in patent matters involving Nanya's DRAM products, including litigation against Tessera, Inc. and Elpida Memory, Inc.  In the Tessera matter, Jerry was a key member of the trial team that won a complete trial victory before the ITC with a finding of no-violation affirmed on appeal.  Jerry has also represented Nanya in licensing negotiation and general commercial litigation. 

Ondot Systems.  Represented Ondot in patent and licensing disputes involving mobile payment technology.

ProMOS Technologies Inc. Represented ProMOS in patent licensing and litigation involving DRAM fabrication and semiconductor process technology.

United Microelectronics Corp.  Represented UMC both as outside counsel and as an in-house lawyer.  Jerry has represented UMC in patent litigation, licensing negotiations, and host of other general commercial and administrative matters.

Unimicron Corp.  Represented Unimicron in patent licensing disputes involving printed circuit board substrates.


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